2008 Les Vins de Vienne Côte-Rôtie Les Essartailles

Essence of plumbs and white pepper with a meaty animale profile, somewhat funky and imperfect, but nothing too out of control. Mid bodied solid syrah well suited to winter stews but no life changing experiences here.

Score – 90 Points

Drink – 2016 to 2021

Price – $110

Source – Purchase


Northern Rhone, famous for its Syrah (Shiraz for those new world types), but nothing like the predominant style of wine in Australia.  This one shows to me what I love and lothe about french wine…nothing sweet or playful, serious earth and tannins, meaty and funky with the fruit coming along for the ride, not front and centre, but very much still there.  At times I get a hint of cinnamon which I quite liked.

That’s the good, the bad…well its a bit too funky, shows a bit of a metallic close after time, and the price (lucky I didn’t pay RRP that’s for sure)!  At this level I want a wine that is technically sound, no such expectations should be had with old world wines unfortunately.

A worthy bottle but hardly a ringing testament for why spending the extra dollars is worth it.



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