2016 Over the Way Shiraz

Single Vineyard Shiraz from Rices Vineyard in the Grampians. Typical Grampians in the mid weight, slightly cooler climate profile. Plenty of fruit but also the spice, tar and white pepper to make it interesting. Best drinking on day 2, took a little time to open up on day 1 but still going well on day 3…so still time to go in the cellar for this one.

C: Deep purple with crimson at the edges

N: Black fruits, plum and dark cherry, white pepper and tar

P: Similar to the nose, flavours of white pepper, black cherry, plum and load of raspberry. Slight tannic puckering on the back palette leaving a ferrous iron on the close. Good length.


Disclosure: I have involvement in the making of Over the Way wines. While I seek to remain impartial, this review may contain some unintentional bias.

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