This Cork Smells like Grape Juice


A great night to catch up with friends, the company perhaps better than the wine on the whole.  Te Mata Coleraine the star, the taint of brett and cork perhaps the most pervasive impact.

2003 Sicilia Valbuena – Amazingly youthful for its age.  Deep purple in colour with  cherries verging on blackberry and spicy oak on the palate.  Oak is quite obvious as is the maturing of the wine with time after decanting, but still fresh and quite complex. Interesting wine.  94

2006 Benevelli Piero Barolo – Cherries and tannin, mid bodied, lengthy and structured.  Others liked this more, but to me it was all structure and little fun. 92

2007 Te Mata Coleraine – A mid bodied Cabernet that is one for the future, even at 10 years this has plenty of gas left in the tank.  Blackberry cassis with a touch of fresh picked raspberry, tannins coat the mouth and stick to the tongue.  Great length.  95

2005 Chateau Grand Puy Lacoste – Not the best example of this great wine I would suspect, such a shame.  DNR

2005 Puriri Hills Pope – Definitely no good – FU Cork


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